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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stache' to the Future, part 1

So, some quick thoughts on the extension announcement the Chicago Blackhawks made this afternoon. Simply put, I feel it's a very classy and timely move to secure coach Q's future before the start of camp. With a good deal of work ahead for him to finalize the starting roster, it seems appropriate that he gets to do so withe the confidence of the organization behind him.

As I've written before here, his ability to react in game to opposing teams strategies, coupled with his clear direction for the team and proven record will only benefit this still growing team. As a Blackhawks fan, one should be very excited about Joel being the right guy for the job, and the guy most likely to be able to facilitate a repeat.

Once training camp starts, I look forward to reporting on his managing of the young talent vs. The veteran signings as they battle for a roster spot. Stay tuned. Welcome back Qstache'

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