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Friday, September 17, 2010


While I'd rather be discussing the opening of camp and the excitement of having position battles for the final Hawks roster spot, a usual suspect has stolen the show.

I know that the unveiling of an NHL franchises third jersey doesn't exactly rank as high in anticipation as Farve or Lebrons "decisions", but to the sweater wearing faithful it's symbolizes the beginning of a new season and another excuse to blow $120.

So, thank you Sean Avery, fashionista, Vogue intern for making the self important post of you in the new Rangers third sweater. Thank you for once again thinking Sean first. Thanks for being the personality that this league could use to help market itself. Though his personality is grating and easily dismissed as douchey, he's an entertaining insight into another self centered sports ego. Bottom line, he's annoying, but marketable.

I doubt Anyone is concerned about the spoiled surprise, as the sweater design is quite basic. But hey, I've never interned at vogue.

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